Valiant Comics: Tie-In to the Harbinger Wars

     I have been raving about the return of Valiant comics since their arrival back on the scene.  I thoroughly enjoy X-O Manowar and Harbinger, and as for Bloodshot, that is consistently in my top 2 each issues every month.  Once again, they've gone and done something just wonderful- 
      In a remarkable feat, they have now announced an 8-bit tie-in with the 4 issue crossover event "Harbinger Wars" coming out this summer.  It'll be available for both iOS and Android devices.  Interestingly- as the crossover event progresses more levels and characters will be able to be downloaded.  This is a brilliant marketing touch- reaching out to the gaming side of their readers.
     Honestly, Valiant has been repeatedly knocking things out of the park, and are becoming a great force in the comics industry again.  I must applaud their efforts- it is quite fun and amazingly impressive. 
     Thank you Valiant, you are making comics great again.

     Here's the official link-  http://valiantuniverse.com/2013/03/08/valiant-goes-8-bit-for-harbinger-wars-battle-for-las-vegas-coming-soon-to-ios-and-android/

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