Sherlock Season 3: Ep 1- The Empty Hearse

     This morning Mark Gatiss tweeted that the first episode of season 3 has begun.  The title of the First episode is The Empty Hearse, and I am hoping it maintains the exemplary writing, directing and acting as the last 2 seasons.  In addition the cast has been pretty much solidified for the 4th season as well.
     Perhaps the title is a rework of the A.C. Doyle story The Adventure Of The Empty House, fittingly taking place after his death in The Final Problem.  **UPDATE** The story is definitely going to be based on the book for sure.  Although how much so... I couldn't say.
     One would assume as much considering his fake death in the Reichenbach Falls.  I am extremely curious as to he survived the many story fall onto concrete.  It's clear he had the overlooked friend Molly's assistance and medical expertise, but HOW?  There appeared to be a medical team pretty much on hand and ready.  So did he have meds and an impact reducing exoskeleton under his coat?  I am truly boggled as to how they'll pull this off.  Without a doubt, it'll be brilliant, as I have yet to be let down by this show. 

     Holmes' return will mark a new era.  What can they do now?  Anything they want, without sacrificing the elements that are true to the characters.  Will this episode touch on the sniper/assassin Col. Sebastian Moran- who is closely tied to Moriarty?  With Moriarty's death, someone needs to be in the active villain role, and Moran would be a good fit. 
     Besides, we've already seen the use of a sharpshooter that had Watson in their sights during Reichenbach.  We could use espionage- a mole as to why Sherlock remains hidden.  Maybe there's a threat that he needs to weed out and Mycroft keeps that knowledge secret.  (In the book Mycroft knows Sherlock faked the death)

     Although, since Molly is the only person that knows he is alive, maybe Mycroft is out of the loop on this.  Sherlock may just be rooting out the network of people Moriarty had set up to eliminate his friends at the end of season 2. 
     Good lord am I excited for this.  Speculation will be done!

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