The Wolverine Full Trailer Thoughts

     After getting my hopes up for a more gritty and realistic Wolverine movie, my hopes are dashed again.  Especially because we got 2 teaser pics, a 6 second and a 30 second teaser for this full trailer.  Really... the train sequence looks completely absurd.  All the ninjas in the snowy well-lit pagoda area?  Also absurd.  Wolverine bemoaning his immortality- meh.  This is another cartoony looking film, and my expectations weren't even that high to begin with.
This'll be better than Origins?!?  You sure, Bub?
     Wolverine looking to be made "mortal" is so overdone.  He couldn't even survive without the healing because of metal poisoning from his skeleton.  It would be easy to guess the old sickly fellow (Lord Shingen?) will probably take the healing for himself while Logan cries about his continually bleeding blade holes during his mutant mid-life crisis. 
Is this The Silver Samurai?  Probably.
     Seriously, weren't we promised something better than Origins?  This only looks slightly less ridiculous.  Barely.    
     Come on Marvel- get someone like Darren Aronofsky back on board.  You know why the Batman: Dark Knight series did so well?  Because it was aimed at serious mature audiences, not campy teenage idiots.  Make it worth our time.  Adapt Frank Miller/Chris Claremont's story, adapt Barry Windsor-Smith's Weapon X.  We want true Wolverine, not mopey emo Wolverine.
     Market and make the film we need- the fans will follow.

     On a positive note- I believe we finally got to see the Silver Samurai. (see above pic)

Links to trailers:  http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/03/27/the-full-trailer-for-the-wolverine-is-here

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