The Last of Us Demo...

     Well, after picking up my copy of God of War: Ascension yesterday and getting everything loaded, I came across a fairly large disappointment- The Last of Us demo.  Or more accurately- the lack of said demo.
     Is Sony worried about the redundancy of Kratos' exploits hurting sales?  I am a bit ashamed that I preordered and bought GoW specifically for this demo, only to find that I'll be waiting until 2 weeks prior to the full game to demo.  What a joke.
     Seriously, the early access to the demo is slated for May 31, only 2 weeks before the game is fully released on June 14th.  I'm sorry Naughty Dog, but this marketing is crap.  Many gamers picked up God of War, with the hopes of actually playing the demo for The Last of Us.  Not for an 80 day countdown. 

     I'm very unhappy about this.  Don't market an early access demo, and have a sticker on the cover of GoW that reads- Contains Last of Us Demo, and then make us wait two and a half months for it.  Just because a game's release is postponed, doesn't mean the demo has to be as well. 

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