Star Trek Into Darkness: New International Trailer

     With the release of this new trailer we get our first glimpse of Peter "Robocop" Weller, a bunch of snippets loaded with action, and a dash of new story info.
Dr. Marcus, a Redshirt, Bones(!), and Sherlock.
     I did see that there's an inexplicably scantily clad Dr. Carol Marcus.  Maybe all those explosions blew her clothes completely off?  No complaints here, she's a fit looking doctor.  Also- did anyone else notice the signifigant lack of Chekov?  Seriously, where's he been?  We are in need of more Pavel Chekov.

     I read that there's a hidden URL to an unused poster: https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEimB8zASQ85lqfA_YsFP9QC3LzDvGlDdOVJvLFcjJIbCIBtxSGXP0xF0yW1T5Yb3eTOo_wesQLpfqZElPsotZftzK2YL1oytpGkZbjyx0fOGu8CNUk89azn5ShqTe2t-mcm4zKyyDERtl8/s1600/trekhidden.jpg
As well as a shuttle named "Takai."  No pic unfortunately.

Here's a link in case the embed function doesn't work:

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