Joakim Mogren's Phantom Pains

     I've gotten a bit backlogged on the blog, and forgot to post this Friday-
     Well "Joakim Mogren" has released a video of himself showing off clips of Phantom Pains.  Many are quite sure this is Hideo Kojima's next Metal Gear game, outside of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes. 
     Indeed, I too believe it is the next in the series and there is little to sway me otherwise.  Kojima is a brilliant marketing strategist, and I personally believe he has made up this Joakim Mogren and Moby Dick studios.  When I say made up- I mean not only the names, but the video is probably fake as well. 
     Seriously.  The fabled FOX Engine for gaming is rumored to be mind blowing- so I believe this bandaged man, that looks awfully reminiscent of a character in the Phantom Pain trailer, is 100% made up.  Granted I could be very wrong, but it does seem like a wonderful PR stunt to show off the capabilities of the FOX Engine.
     I think he could totally be a CG person, due to many small things in the video.  One- the 2 people are never in 1 shot together.  Two- Mogren's eyes.  The pupils don't seem to change.  Three- different lighting on the two man in conversation.  Four- Phantom Pains?  Maybe this video will prove to be more like Phantom Person.  Five- His nose bridge is a bit too flat. 
     "Accident" or not, this Mr. Mogren is either a stand in or made of CG.

     With the news contained in the video that we'll be finding out more this week coming week, we'll learn just how much potential the FOX Engine really has... 
          ...and the future of Metal Gear.

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