Metal Gear Solid V= Ground Zeroes + The Phantom Pain

     Well, at the Game Developers Conference the legendary Hideo Kojima confirmed that The Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes combined make Metal Gear Solid 5.  This announcement sort of makes me wonder about what the extent of that combination is though.  He has been talking about games moving towards episodic release- so could this be a marketing hint at Metal Gear becoming a chapter based story?  This game looks undeniably amazing, as it is run on the new FOX Engine.

     In this video we see a bunch of semi familiar faces.  People that resemble Psycho Mantis, Revolver, and one that looks a bit like "Master Miller" from MGS1 appear.
     And these 2 statements, in particular, make me very curious:
From "FOX" Two Phantoms were Born
V has come to.

     So is this going to be like Twin Snakes?  Maybe another super soldier program, other Snakes were made, and this could be their story?  Might it be a retelling of one the earlier games from other perspectives?  The viewpoint of Big Boss perhaps?  Will the "Two Phantoms" be secretive covert ops soldiers we have never met?   
     Is one of the 2 games just a portion of the other?  There is a "9 year gap" spoken of by a Doctor in the trailer.  Is it anything like Metal Gear Solid 2- with multiple protagonists?  So much to speculate on, and only vague confirmations.  So many questions.
     Regardless of what it is, it will be great.  As is the fact that it is an "open world" game on top of it all.  Kojima is the future of video gaming.  Always carving new paths. 


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