Borderlands 2: SXSW New Character Teaser

"Deep beneath Pandora an experiment has escaped."
"A new Vault Hunter is coming."
     The only information I've currently found released by Gearbox at the South by Southwest show is a 30 second teaser trailer for a new playable character.  It's really short and they are currently just a swift and hulking silhouette.  Just from the short clip it appears we may be getting a brawler type melee focussed person.  Quck and brutal attacks, a couple cables attatched to them, and fairly large.  Not much to speculate on. 
     I am quite curious to see what this character is.  Especially with all of Hyperion's experiments like the various "Rat" characters running around.

     Of course, there is no time frame listed but I did find this quote:
"DLC is announced on a very tight schedule, and I don't think you'll have to wait long until you see that character."-Matt Armstrong
     So with Gearbox's previous information releases I would guess more will be released within the next week and a half. 

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