Cosmo Produces Worst Advice Ever

     Being a male, I typically don't read Cosmopolitan magazine, but a friend on Facebook pointed this article out: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/relationship-advice/i-cheated-now-what#slide-1 it's titled "You Cheated on Him. Now What?" by Jennifer Benjamin.

     Uhhh... I've always heard that the advice on dating and sex in this publication was pretty bad, but this is downright stupid.  The very first piece of advice is to lie.  Well, at least omitting the truth.  Not just once, but multiple times.  Don't tell anyone, because lies will fix everything.  Absolutely ridiculous.

     My favorite part is where she quotes psychologist Marcella Bakur Weiner, PhD, author of Cheaters.
Even if you've covered your tracks, your man could discover your indiscretion. Assuming you still want to be with him, your best bet is to say how sorry you are, swear it'll never happen again, and beg for his forgiveness. Now is not the time to get into the reasons why you did it. "Wait a couple weeks before airing your grievances," says Weiner. "He needs time to process the betrayal without being confronted with the mistakes he's made."
     So you have to be honest with yourself, but not with the man, because it's his fault you cheated.

 Seriously, what is wrong with people?  Maybe the cheater should take responsibility for their own actions and NOT push blame, make excuses, and then try to cover it up.
     If this was an article in, say Maxim Magazine, saying it was all right for men to cheat there would be a massive shit storm.  I am quite disgusted with the awful advice this article has given. 

     On the plus side there are plenty of females AND males tearing the article apart.  For that I thank all of you honest ladies (and gentlemen) out there. 

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  1. You cheated on me, I am sorry its my fault. Same as why I had to rape you for being a girl.