Metal Gear Rising: Blade Wolf DLC

     You know, even after reading the ridiculous name "Revengeance," AND seeing the even more absurd trailers for the game, I went out and preordered it.  Then I played through it.  It got old quick, with only the sword mechanic keeping me interested at all.  Seriously, the last boss fight was 80% too long, while the rest of the game was 75% too short.  I'm not sure how the math adds up, but it was pretty forgettable. 
     MG Rising was fun for the first few levels, and got boring really fast. Where's the stealth?  Kojima should've stuck with Frank "Gray Fox" Jaeger.  Keep it a tight stealth ninja slaughterfest.  How sweet would it have been if you got the badass cyborg cloaking device and could actually sneak up and shred enemies? 
     I ended up sticking with the Fox blade and suit once they were available in the game.  The Fox blade, once upgraded, pretty much cut through anything, and made playing a lot more enjoyable.  That is the most redeeming quality of the game.  Running around cutting things into hundreds of tiny pieces.

     Then after seeing the first DLC/Add-on was given to Jetstream Sam, I had slightly renewed hopes.  He was, in my opinion, one of the best characters in the game.  Sam was genuinely likeable, with a story that was pretty decent.  After checking out a friends copy...  meh.  Still disinterested. 

     Now they are releasing DLC with Blade Wolf in the lead in May for $9.99.  He's the second character I actually enjoyed.  Once again it looks to be a bunch of recycled in game materials in a slew of highly repetitive levels.  It may have the advantage of his playstyle- he doesn't use a sword.  He has the tail and a bunch of other attachments. 
     Can't say how the story will play out, but one may assume it'll be flashbacks to before the encounter with Raiden, filling in a story he's telling now.  That's at least how the screenshots appear so far.
     Well, I will at least give it a try.

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