Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Preorder Bonuses and Teaser Trailer

     There's a nice character tease in the trailer over at Game Informer.  Lego Galactus is casting a large shadow as the devourer of brick-worlds on a handful of the Marvel Heroes.  Perhaps it's teasing us with the final boss?
     I hope we get some heroes from places off planet- Silver Surfer, Nova, etc.  Maybe it'll have a galactic sized bonus level.
     The preorder bonuses have been provided by Warner:
Wal-mart = Exclusive Iron Patriot Mini figure
Gamestop = Spider-man keychain
(in addition) Power Up Rewards members = a DLC pack for Xbox 360 & PS3 versions
Amazon = A $10 credit.

     I haven't read anything about bonuses for the Wii U, 3DS, or Vita versions.

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