Jurassic Park in 3D and the Sega Games

     With the re-release of Jurassic Park (now in 3D!) I have made some Jurassic Park meme's but I forgot my jump drive at home- so they will have to wait until at least 6pm tonight to be posted. 
     So in the mean time, I'll be putting up some Jurassic Park memories such as the old video games and a small bit about my experience seeing the film for the first time.

Best game of "fetch" EVER!!!
      The Movie:  When the movie was first released in theaters, I was visiting family in Georgia and was in down town Atlanta.  Since I had no idea about the weather there, I got caught out in the rain.  In a mere 5 minutes the rain down poured in the streets until it was past my ankles.  Then it just stopped.  Quite odd- for someone from the north.  A massive amount of rain, then back to full sunshine in a matter of 10 minutes. 
     It was so horribly humid out, so we went to seek refuge in the heavily air conditioned theater.  Being soaking wet and now freezing is how I recall the movie.  It was good enough to keep my mind off the disgusting feeling of soggy cold.

     The Game Sega:  Not long after the film, my siblings and I got the Sega Genesis version of Jurassic Park.  Personally I loved it.  Great soundtrack, wonderful graphics, and I could use a rocket launcher to explode a chicken sized Compsognathus.  Which I spent most of the game time doing. 
     I also loved stun grenading the Triceratops*.

     The Game Sega CD:  This first person point-and-click game was kind of terrible.  Enjoyable, but horrible.  The phone recording of a person being eaten on one of the desks was a nice addition to add atmosphere.


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