Flashback: Ubisoft's HD REMAKE!!!

     Over at IGN I just read something that makes me pee-pants excited- An HD remeake of the old Flashback game.  I played this so much on SNES, and in fact my brother and I were replaying it 2 weeks ago just for kicks. Ah, the wonderful feel of gaming nostalgia! (we also got some Zombies Ate My Neighbors in as well)
Screencap From IGN
     Anyways, here's a snippet from the IGN article:
"Ubisoft has announced that a HD remake of classic action adventure game Flashback will be available on PSN and XBLA later this year.
To celebrate the title's 20th anniversary, the original creator of the game has re-rendered it in 3D using the Unreal engine, though you'll still be playing in 2D. New voice acting has also been provided."
     Here's a screencap from the old SNES version for those that haven't seen it, or don't remember what it looked like.  They've done an amazing job on updating this.  This is a great sci-fi action adventure game, and definitely warrants looking into, even if you are playing the old version.
SNES Screencap
      Now to play the waiting game and see if Blizzard's Blackthorne gets the HD treatment as well...

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