Shane Carruth's Upstream Color- Too Far From Home

     I have been looking forward to seeing this movie since it was announced, and it appears I'll be waiting quite a bit longer.  While I knew Upstream Color was going to be a limited release, this is absolutely ridiculous:
A little too far to drive.
     It seems the nearest theater to me, that is showing it, is only 1070 miles away.  That is a little farther than expected.  Whyyyyyyy?!?  ...can't it be playing here!?!

     Mr. Carruth's Primer stands as, in my opinion, one of the finest movies ever made.  It easily holds a top 10 spot on my personal list.  Primer has a strange and simple beauty.  Every scene, every shot has a weight to it.  The lengths he went to craft the film should be heeded by the large film producers.  Stop pumping out fast and easy eye-candy crap.  There's plenty of market for movies that have meaning and importance.  The fact it is about time travel (a favorite topic of mine) is just the cherry on top. 
     As of now, I can only guess that after a decade he has made a film many will hold dear.
     When it is close enough to see I will be dragging as many people with me as possible.  I only fear that I may have to wait for the DVD release to see it.  Whenever it does make it out around here- I have no doubt this movie will be talked about for a long while after, and hope to join those conversations as soon as possible. 

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