Batman: Arkham Origins: No Kevin Conroy?

     Here's another voice change on top of the Metal Gear David Hayter news from a little while ago.  Most everyone equates Kevin Conroy's voice with THE BATMAN.  He's been heard as the voice in everything from the 90's animated series through the more recent Batman video games, such as the Arkham City and Arkham Asylum as well as the new Injustice: Gods Among Us.  There are even times during Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight series that I'm fairly certain my mind turned Christian Bale's voice into Conroy's, because that's how Batman should sound.
     But apparently WB Montreal would like a younger actor for the younger portrayal of Batman.  This seems an odd decision because Conroy is a voice actor, he can CHANGE his voice to fit the younger Batman.  Same voice with less grit and rasp.

     So I'm wondering if he isn't reprising his role here for other reasons.  Maybe other work?  In other posts I've mentioned the fact that I believe Rocksteady to be working on a sequel to Arkham City for the next gen consoles.  By letting WB Montreal work on Origins and Armature making Origins Blackgate, that leaves Rocksteady free to do something else.  And what better than taking the next step in the Arkham series on consoles that offer wonderful new possibilities in gameplay? 

Source: May issue of NAG Magazine:

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