Dark Souls 2: New Despair Trailer Released

     Lucky us, we got a 12 minute footage of the game with a sort of interview yesterday, and today a new trailer today.  Not much extra in the trailer from all the juicy bits yesterday, but excellent none the less.
     Since they made a big deal out of "time" being important, I am wondering if this game takes place either in the past, or with a person that may warp time.  Some people have mentioned the similarity between the Painted World of Ariamis of Dark Souls and the land across the bridge in this one.  There are some things that look the same.  Not exactly proof, but it does make me think, and given that a great amount of time may have been placed between the games it is quite plausible.  It also bears mentioning that the painting was a portal.  Was it created to contain a fragmentary piece of the "real" world?  I mean, maybe someone was embarrassed of Priscilla the Half-Breed, and wanted her locked away. 
     As for the character- could this protagonist be Lord Gwyn from before the dragons were slain?  From an earlier era- before he gained all his power, became the Lord of Cinder, defeated the Everlasting Dragons, and came to be where he was in Dark Souls.  Watching the young Gwyn become the king and Lord Soul.  His is an interesting path through the world of Dark Souls. 
     Or possibly, on a long shot guess, could this be his nameless firstborn son, stripped of deity status? (If Solaire of Astora isn't/wasn't that son- I personally believe there was evidence to argue that he could be)  I am very curious as to what happened to him.  Why was he stripped of his status?  Where did they go?  There is plenty of room for the character.
     If it is the lost son, he could be on a quest for redemption.  A quest for vengeance could be just as entertaining though.  If I had my Deity status torn away, I'd probably be a very pissed off and bitter person.  Longing to reaquire what was taken, the great powers and abilities of my birthright.  

     Regardless, I will actually looking forward to dying in many stressful ways.  A massive amount of nerve wracking, nail biting frustration is in my future.

     PS- With the head creator as only a supervisor, it makes me wonder if he's got another team secretly making something for the next gen PS4.  That's what I believe Rocksteady is doing with the Batman: Arkham series.  It makes sense, farm out the current gen games and focus on upping the ante for the next gen. 


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