A New Star Wars EVERY Summer?

     I just read something I was already worried about.  The combined Force of Disney and LucasFilm have officially announced at the Cinema Con in Las Vegas earlier today that beginning in 2015, we will be getting a new movie each summer.  It will start with Episode VII and alternating with stand alone films.

     This is a horrible idea.  We are going to be so oversaturated with Star Wars.  I love the universe George Lucas created, but too much generally ends up being a bad thing. 
     Why not reinstate LucasArts and make an episodic game universe?  Or a TV show with a budget to make it not only feasible, but amazing.  Think of a Game of Thrones like series set in the Old Republic? 
     I wouldn't mind a Star Wars: Underworld show. More mature and darker in content than the typical fair. How many bazillions of fans are looking for something more gritty? I would guess quite a few. We've grown up as fans, when will the movies?

     While there is immense potential with the extensive Star Wars Universe, they need to take it a bit slower. Stop the rush to make the money they spent buying LucasFilm back and make movies that last.

     PS- A Tag & Bink would be a wonderful animated movie/series. 

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