Thor: The Dark World Trailer Notes

     The trailer has finally arrived, and it looks good. (Link: http://youtu.be/7p7rocHEecE)  Not as good as the first film yet, but good.  Some of the scenes look too empty, large open battles, but not a lot happening.  Of course the fate of the world is now in jeopardy because the "Darkness" before the universe has only been sleeping or something, has now returned.  But it feels like not much is going despite the world's problem. 
    Thor shows up and wisks Jane Foster away.  Sif looks pissed, Odin is contemplating, and a bad guy with an angry disposition has Jane as a hostage.  We could use more Sif.  (I've been reading the recent Journey Into Mystery series with her as lead, and it's great.  Go buy them, they are worth it.)
     Maybe miss Foster will kick him in his dark-nads as she was a capable person in the first movie. 
     Lastly, the moment many were waiting for- and I for one cheered at Loki's return.  YAY!  More Loki!
"When do we start?"

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