The Lone Ranger: The "Final" Theatrical Trailer

     We are getting a ton of summer movie news recently- the final Lone Ranger trailer was released by Disney today.  Although we'll probably get 100 TV spots when they over market it in June.  The Lone Ranger appears to be a very train heavy Pirates of the Old West featuring Native American Jack Sparrow.  But I suppose that is to be expected when it is made by the same writer, director, and producers of the first Pirates of the Caribbean.
     In all seriousness, I do enjoy the Pirates movies, despite how ludicrous they got.  They hold up as just simply fun adventures.  And I will admit, I want to see this, as it looks like tons of fun.
     It arrives in theaters July 3, and stars Armie Hammer as The Lone Ranger, Johnny Depp as Tonto, and, because you can't really have Depp in a movie without Helena Bonham-Carter any more, she's in it as well.
Here's a link to the Yahoo! movies blog with the exclusive trailer:

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