Jurassic Park in 3D- Now with an extra "D"

     I had been toying around with the caption for this for some time now- since the re-release in 3D was announced.  As things went, I stuck with this one because it sounded the best in my head.  Others were like- "Looking for the 3rd 'D'"?, "This 'D' is within reach.", and "With those glasses, my 'D' looks so real."
     None of them seemed to sound quite right.  Even the ones about the protective 3D glasses felt off.  Anyways, I'll probably go see this movie to experience it in the 3rd Dimension, as I love the movie and now I have a good reason to view it again on the big screen.
     "I've got the 'D' you're looking for."
     "Prepare yourself for the extra 'D'."
     "Red & Blue glasses won't do this 'D' justice."
     "This 'D'
     ...and so on.

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