What a David Hayter-less Metal Gear Might Mean

     After hearing about the lack of David Hayter in Metal Gear V, I was a bit saddened.  In reality, how strange will it be to not hear Hayter playing the voice I hear in my head whenever I read about Snake?  It'll definitely take some getting used to.

     But, Mr. Hayter posted this today: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1rjhhf9  and it got me thinking.
     This isn't our typical protagonist.  Perhaps a different clone of Big Boss.  He is referred to as "V."  "V has come to." Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake had different voices from Naked Snake and Solid Snake, so that could very well be a sign of change from our well known Snake(s).  This new Snake may not be a full clone either- lets say maybe some genetic tampering during the cloning process.  I don't know, there could be a billion reasons for looking like the pic above.   
     If this isn't a marketing stunt, it could just be pointing to the fact we're being introduced to 1, maybe 2 new Snakes -as one of the lines from the Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes & The Phantom Pain full trailer is- From "FOX" Two Phantoms Were Born. 

     Was there other soldier cloning projects using Big Boss's DNA?  More than likely.  That would explain his slightly strange look as opposed to the previous Snakes we've seen. 
     But, what gets me is the fellow in the trailer that looks like Master Miller (Liquid Snake).  What then gets me a bit more is the fact that there has been a person spotted multiple times that resembles Psycho Mantis.  Could this be a Metal Gear that is chronologically before MGS?  Are the semi-familiar faces looking to find a suitable Snake clone for something?  

     It'll be odd at first, but I'll always hear Hayter's voice for Snake, and regardless of what happens, Kojima has never been one to fail to present an amazing game.  He knows what he's doing, and I'll rest soundly with that fact in mind.
     So I'll be looking forward to whatever divergence from the Legendary Snake happens in this upcoming installment.

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