Metal Gear Legacy Collection

     Being a huge Metal Gear fan, I am slightly disturbed by the news that this June we'll be able to buy a new collection of previous Metal Gears called The Legacy Collection.  What makes me slightly angry is the fact I've already repurchased many of these titles, including the most recent HD collection.
     Konami has finally let on that we will finally be able to get the original Metal Gear Solid. (Although I note that it is already available on the Playstation Network, at least it was a week ago)

     From what I've read these are what will be included in this compilation:
1) Metal Gear Solid*
2) Metal Gear Solid 2: HD Edition
3) Metal Gear Solid 3: HD Edition (incl. original MSX versions of Metal Gear + Metal Gear 2)
4) Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition
5) Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions*
5) Metal Gear Solid 4 (Trophy Edition)*
6) 2 Digital Ashley Wood Digital Graphic Novels*
(*not featured in the MGS HD Collection)

     I see there is no mention yet of Metal Gear Portable Ops or Metal Gear Acid from the PSP.  Twin Snakes will not be included either, as it was a Nintendo Exclusive.

     In another post I'll talk about the Metal Gear Solid game itself- as it's the only game in here I would want, and is currently available on PSN.  In an older post I mentioned that MGS needs an HD update- http://www.joshuabarsody.com/2012/08/metal-gear-25th-anniversary.html -and it really could use that overhaul.  Where's all the fans helping with the updates?    

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