The Last of Us: Extended Red Band Trailer... and a demo rant.

     The Last of Us red band trailer is out (Official link:  http://youtu.be/p4pYIsaZqE0 ) and it shows off a bit more of the game.  In addition it gives us some glimpses of more survivors and the turmoil in the lives of the characters.  There's plenty of violent struggle and fighting for survival.  Loads of lonely atmosphere as well.
     Naughty Dog and Santa Monica Studio is doing quite well with these sneak peeks.
     Even though I'm still pissed about the lack of the promised Demo on the God of War: Ascension preorder (see below), I'll still be buying this.  It looks like they've taken the Uncharted game and added survival and horror elements into a beautifully rendered world.   
     See that picture to the left?  That was the sticker on the cover of God of War: Ascension.  It is blatant misinformation to sell copies of a redundant game.  I am quite disgusted with the way this was handled. Purposeful misleading with the intention of boosting sales on GoW: Ass-scent-shun.  Don't tout that consumers will get the demo, or "early access" if it won't be available for months.  Sure there is a small print asterisk, but come on.  It's pretty much false advertising.
     We were essentially lied to about this, you can't advertise a preorder demo bonus if instead of getting "access to DEMO" we receive "access to a countdown (to a demo) for a demo that comes out a mere 2 weeks after the 'early access' is obtained."  Absolute garbage. Is the demo really going to be worth playing 2 weeks before the actual game.  Not really.

     Just because the game was pushed back, doesn't mean the demo needed to be. That's the reason we have playable demos. As long as they don't repeat the Aliens: Colonial Marines demo mistakes, the game will sell even if the demo is sub par.

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