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     Deadpool is the turning point for superhero movies.  After the abominable X-Men Origins: Wolverine film I was genuinely surprised that anyone would bother to make a Deadpool film test footage.  Well, it happened, it then leaked, and it garnered insane amounts of fan backing.  It looked like the people that made the test footage knew the character.  The studio finally greenlit it and things progressed.  To make things even better, the marketing campaign for the film took the film to new heights.  It is absolutely brilliant in the way it's been handled.


     Overall, the film itself is pure genius.  It is not perfect by any means.  It drags on for a while, gets really flashback overloaded, and really pushes the bounds of comedy and superhero violence, but it was spot on for the character.  It was perfect for the fans of the series.  We fans have finally gotten exactly the kind of film we've been asking for after all these years!  Just as the Deadpool game was such a perfectly tailored game for fans, the movie is made specially for the fans.  Note, they did alter some of the history, and tried hilariously to make it fit into current film canon and continuity, but it's done in a way the both makes sense here, and fits for the film.
     They've utilized so many things that make Deadpool so unique, such as his blatant 4th wall breaking, that it is truly unbelievable.  Ryan Reynolds is the only person that could've pulled this off.  In fact pretty much everyone in the movie is cast so well.  And I must say, in my opinion, it holds the best Hugh Jackman cameo of any of the X-Men related films to date!  Plus we now have a Colossus that we want to see so much more of.
Post Review:

     Now that the film has been released and is killing it at the box office, Deadpool has shown the studios that my long time complaint that superhero movies need to grow up, has finally been proven to work.  The kiddie gloves can now come off, and we can potentially get a Wolverine worthy of being the "best there is."  Maybe we can see a Ghost Rider by some real horror creators.  I don't mean all comic movies need to be R rated, some however, need this extra grit and violence.

     Deadpool has already gotten a sequel greenlit and on track for a 2018 release, X-Force is on the way, a Legion series, and I've heard rumors (and we've seen Negasonic Teenage Warhead's suit) of a New Mutants series.

     Since Deadpool has done so well, I'll paste this chunk I wrote on 11.05.2013:
     Fox, why can't you get a Wolverine done by a decent writer and director?  Where's the team that can compete with Nolan's on The Dark Knight level?  I've written enough on the subject of handling this character so poorly plenty of times.  About teen angsty Logan mopery, bemoaning his past, and the need for real grit in the series.  If Marvel wants to create a series worthy of a man who is the best hunter/killer they need to really hunker down and focus.  We do NOT need another one-note-Wolverine film.  He needs to grow as a character, and that still hasn't happened in the X-Men film franchise.  Fans are sick of watching him cry into his beer.
     This is something we've needed for a long time.  A movie that proves we need superhero films for more than just kids.  Deadpool is showing studios that we want dark and gritty anti-heroes, not just Avengers goodie-goodie types.  More mature heroes and villains are an avenue that needs to be pursued cinematically.

Review of this Review:

     This review really got away from me and is pretty bad.  Sorry about that.  So, I'd recommend you just go see the film for yourself and make some judgements.  In the end, if you are a fan of Deadpool, action, lewd humor, and absurd violence, and yes, even a surprisingly good love story- go see Deadpool, you'll probably enjoy it.

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