Marvel Future Fight: Another New Update! Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan, Carnage, Jane Foster Thor, and One Large Problem

     As easily the best Marvel game, and one of the best free-to-play mobile games, Future Fight recently received yet another great update.  This time they've added Carnage as a playable character, although he's locked behind a sort of paywall to obtain, the Jane Foster Thor, and Kamala "Ms. Marvel" Khan.

     In addition to this there are new costumes for Luke Cage, Green Goblin, and Star Lord.  Intriguingly, the Goblin costume changes the way the character plays to feel more like Hulk.

     There's also been a lot of visual overhauls to buttons and menus, and honestly one huge change that is very infuriating- the Timeline Battles (versus mode against other players' characters).
     They took the mode and made the matchmaking downright horrendous.  It is so absurdly imbalanced now that it isn't even funny.  It is irritating and a giant annoyance, because one of the daily missions to complete requires you to play 5 rounds of Timeline Battles.
     I am consistently put against people 20 levels above mine, making it quite literally impossible to win, and the only way to find a new opponent is to pay in game gold- meaning they encourage changing to get people to buy more gold.

     I mean check out the 3 fights I did (in order):

     So in the first round my three level 43 characters were pitted against three level 60s.  There is absolutely no way I even had a chance in that fight.  Even a few levels can be an impossible battle depending on the characters because some of them are greatly overpowered like Hulk or many of the Spider-Man characters.

     In the second, they put me with my same three against two level 13s and a level 1 character?!?  Seriously, what the hell?  How is anyone supposed to enjoy this?  

     Then the match right after that I was back to fighting a level 58 and two 59s.  It's either a guaranteed win or loss, there's almost no close matches.  I've had maybe a 10% chance of a somewhat balanced match, and the other 90% are like this- and nearly always on the low end so I'm losing constantly.

     What I wonder is why they don't just make the levels EVENLY matched?  Because the odds are we are fighting proxy players and not actually the other person (I don't know this for sure, maybe we are), but if we aren't fighting another person, why isn't there a feature that scales their gear to your level to offer a fair and decent balance?

     Other than this problem the game has been maintaining it's awesomeness.  

     Many of us though are still a bit peeved that there aren't any X-Men characters to play in the game.  I wasn't a fan of Marvel's Contest of Champions, and they at least had the option to play as many of my favorite comics characters.  Come on Marvel, loosen up with the tie ins.  You're still making shit loads of money off of all the other merchandise, just not from the X-films.  

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