Pug's Quest: Ravenous Games' Upcoming Puzzle Platformer

     Ravenous Games, creators of great games such as Devious Dungeon, Gravity Duck, their respective sequels, and the more recent Infestor, have announced their newest title Pug's Quest.

A Cute Pixelated, Puppy Puzzle Platformer. This Pug Deserves a Treat!
     Here's what Ravenous has said about the game:
Hey everyone! We have a new game in development called Pug's Quest. It's a semi turn-based puzzle platformer. You control a pug that hops one tile at a time trying to navigate the world. 
We have some fun new additions to our game engine that should add some fresh new level designs. We've added collapsing tile platforms, slippery (ice) tiles, switches, puzzle mechanics (lights, numbers and word puzzles). There will also be some hedgemazes in the game you will have to navigate through.
     Also, according to their post on the Touch Arcade forums, the game is expected to be finished by the end of February.  Ravenous always make solid games that are very well made.  Simple art, great controls and sound, and much more importantly, they are always fun.
     Pug's Quest sounds no different and I am looking forward to buying it.

     Source [ Touch Arcade ]

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