Deadpool 2: Stephen Lang Campaigning for Cable

     This is something that makes me very happy.  In fact, I've mentioned it time and again in 2013!- Stephen Lang would make a perfect Cable for the Deadpool sequel we all know has already been confirmed, and because it is currently slaying the box office this weekend.  Plus we also know there's an X-Force film in the works as well.  What makes this so much better is Lang himself is now campaigning for the role!

     I really, REALLY hope this happens.  Lang is an amazing actor, both for his military hardass characterization (Avatar) and his comedic roles (The Men Who Stare at Goats), and he'd bring a tremendous range to this fan-favorite character.  My only wish after this is to have him look more like the Ultimate X-Men version (despite that Cable not really being Nathan Summers), as he has the looks of a very balanced fighter that'd work very well with Lang's build.

    Seeing how Deadpool pretty much got pushed through into production due to mass fan backing, this is another campaign I'll get behind.


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