Josh News Update: President's Day 2016 Edition

     Just a short update for all my readers out there.  I've been lax on posting lately due to some serious health issues, and after finishing this post I'll be heading off to yet another clinic appointment to see if we can get this crap fixed.

     So the Lady put my picture into that which dog are you thing and got the image I used here.  [ Update: it's what-dog.net ]  She thought it was super hilarious, and it kind of is.  But why she used such an awful picture of me is anyone's guess?  Perhaps to get a funnier result?  I don't know.

     In better news, I've got a Deadpool review post in the work, some really awesome comic reviews, some video reviews in the works, and so on.  Plus a whole series of posts for the Heroes universe, including both games, the ebook tie-in series, and the Reborn miniseries.  It feels good to return to something that I spent so much time with in the early days of this blog.  Granted, most of those posts were poorly formatted, and very rambling, but it's been years of learning since then and I've gotten much better.

     Aside from this, I've got some real work in progress.  I can't talk much about it other than saying there should be a set of short works available by the end of the year.  Yay!

     Hopefully I can get these health problems dealt with so I can get back on track to actually producing plenty of entertainment for you readers.

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