X-Men: Apocalypse: Super Bowl TV Spot & Thoughts

     Super Bowl 50 has featured commercials for pretty much everything, and X-Men: Apocalypse was no different.  Getting a new TV spot instead of a full new trailer, it shows off a little new footage and that's about it.  Well, aside from a whole lot of destruction, that is.

     X-Men: Apocalypse still looks really good, but I'm a bit worried for all the preposterous shots like the Storm and Psylocke ones (Archangel in a previous trailer also) look like television show shots with the way they are filmed.  It appears amateurish, so unless it is from a dream sequence- one of Jean Grey's visions- I'll be very displeased.  The Quicksilver scene looks off as well, maybe it's because his arms don't seem to be moving while he's running.
     The film is still shaping up to look pretty damn good, but once again, why does the whole world have to be at stake?  Days of Future Past was great because it had mutant-kind in the cross-hair, not the doom of the planet.  They were trying to change the mind of one person- President Nixon- into altering the path of history.  It's getting to be truly bothersome that Hollywood thinks the stakes always have to be maximum.  I even complained a ton of times about the poor way Fox has handled the Wolverine films.  Seriously, give him a dark, R-rated film and show us that "He's the best there is."  We want a Weapon X by Darren Aronofsky (just literally adapt Barry Windsor-Smith's Weapon X comic run- short and sweet), or a crime-noir Wolverine in Madripoor by Martin Scorsese (who I'd really like to see a Punisher film from!).

     If Deadpool can be an indicator, these types of films can grow up and still be great.  I don't mean Wolverine or X-Men need to be bloody as hell, as action and violence can be implied through proper editing and made to work even better than just shooting for gore-porn that many action films tend towards, but they do need to get tougher.  We're sick of seeing Wolverine cry into his beard and pine after Jean Grey, lose the angst Logan.  We want to see a Black Ops Wolverine take charge and show us why he really is the only right choice for grim and gritty anti-hero fans everywhere.

     X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters May 27th.

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