Gotham: Mr. Freeze in the NEW Mid-season Promo Trailer

     While I have a ton of qualms with the way Gotham has been handling the Batman universe, I am both very happy and at the same time very displeased that they are bringing in my favorite Bat-villain Mr. Freeze.

     On one hand, it's awesome that they are using one of the most tragic origin stories possible and it could potentially wind up being quite amazing.  There's been some interesting developments through the show, but in general, they've turned what should rightfully be a badass, dark and gritty crime and detective show into an angst-ridden teen-focused drama, and my hopes for it are bleak.

     On the other hand, the creators are really shoe-horning every last person they can into a continuity that most of them don't even need to be in yet.  Seriously, not every damn villain had to be from the Gotham area and they certainly do not have to be all interconnected before Batman arrives on the scene.  It's ridiculous and it's been a complaint I've had with the series since the first episodes.  It's something I feared would be done even before the show began, and it definitely has.
     When it was announced I thought it was going to be a show about Jim Gordon's rise through the ranks tackling the locale crime lords and that would be it with maybe some small cameos.  Such as Victor Fries as a consulting specialist during a single crime.  Or maybe Gordon chases away a teenager spray painting a wall, and it would've been a question mark.  Little things that serve as nods to the future of Gotham as opposed to the giant flashing neon signs pointing and screaming, "Look at who this is!"

     It shouldn't be too much of a surprise, Marvel is doing the same damn thing with their movies.  It's nice to have a bunch of little nods here and there for long time fans, but when it's so overt it loses its magic and the effect it should have is wasted.  At least the Marvel's Netflix shows are keeping it low key and done well.

     Regardless, I'll be returning to Gotham when it begins again on Feb. 29th at 8pm so I can see what they do with Mr. Freeze.  There's absolutely no way it can be worse than what DC Comics did with him for the New 52 comics.  God was it ever awful.  They took Paul Dini's masterpiece of origin story writing and tossed it in the garbage making Freeze just another forgettable super-powered crazy.  I'll be crossing my fingers for this to turn out well.

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