Batman: Fox's First Official GOTHAM Extended Trailer

     The first trailer has been released, and although it looks pretty good, I'm still a bit skeptical.  It feels like they're trying a bit too hard to work in too many villains for the show. We get young versions of Jim Gordon (even pre-stache, which I thought was impossible, even when he was in the womb I imagine he had the stache), Bruce Wayne, Edward Nigma- The Riddler, Selina Kyle- Catwoman, and Oswald Cobblepot- The Penguin.

     What bothers me is the fact that instead of making a story that fits in with canon continuity, it appears as if they are writing in a slew of interconnected plots which will probably lead to a convoluted mess when Bruce finally dons the cowl.  Why bother with a huge mish-mash of teen Gothamites?  Honestly, this feels like it has immense potential, except for the fact of all the villains in their youth.  We don't need a new Smallville, we need a TV version of Nolan's Gotham City.  Leave out all the villain name drops and give the show to Jim Gordon with maybe a couple cameos.  Keep it simple and effective.

     PS: Did I see a Daily Planet newspaper in there???

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