Edgar Wright Leaves Marvel's Ant-Man Movie Over Creative Differences

     In a huge surprise Marvel and Director Edgar Wright have parted ways on the upcoming Ant-Man film.  This is quite a shift in direction because Wright has been attached to the project since 2006, as both director and co-writer with Joe Cornish.  After years of postponement Marvel Studios and Wright have separated in an "amicable" way "due to differences in their vision of the film."
     This is depressing news as Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs The World was a tremendous film and Marvel could use that type of film in it's line-up, with only The Guardians of the Galaxy sounding similar in tone.

     A new director is apparently already lined up, but their name is still withheld, and both Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas are still playing two different versions of the character.  Personally I hope Douglas is playing Hank Pym, and Rudd as the Eric O'Grady version.  Although I think it might be that they are playing future and past versions of Pym.  We'll have to wait and see.

     With Marvel's future plans reaching into 2028 it seems like a bad omen to have a long time worker on a film depart like this.  I think their films need to branch out a little, and focus on more than one type audience or demographic- and Edgar Wright might've been able to help do that.

     The Ant-Man release date remains July 17, 2015.

     Source [ Variety ]

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