X-Men: Days of Future Past: Review and Thoughts (SPOILERS) (Guardians of the Galaxy Mention as well)


     "I Don't Want Your Future"

     This is an apt quote, as the film resets the X-Men franchise with the exception of First Class.  Eliminating the horrendous Wolverine films, and the other X-men trilogy.  Thank goodness we've done away with X3, that movie was an abomination.  Good news!  The future of the X-Men movies has been fixed by the same means this film fixes the time line- through a little rewriting of history.

     "We've Been Given a Second Chance"

     What Bryan Singer has done is given the franchise a much needed reboot.  One that opens not one, but at least TWO avenues of X-Men series.  With the First Class group that is left and with the "current" time period's group.  By scraping the old movies there is a whole new pathway of things that can be done without being tied down by previous mistakes- or necessitating Hugh Jackman to carry it all by himself.

     In the past Wolverine got the number one place as the focus, but here he's in more of a supporting role and that was a smart move.  Give it to the people that are changing- not the immortal moper.  They've done a great job of spreading the action, and giving some others a chance to shine.  Mystique has come a long ways, and is now making her own choices, Storm is still on the verge of awful dialogue, and Bishop and Quicksilver both need more action.

     Days of Future Past

     Overall, this is easily the best X-men film.  There are still some lingering issues (see list below), but at least the tracks have been rerouted, and the cameo-off at the end opens a lot of storytelling doors for the future of the franchise.  There is fun here, but there is also action and emotion- they've made these characters real finally, something that was sorely lacking from the original X-Men almost 15 years ago.  That simple adjustment in focus made a world of difference, and has created a grand dynamic with the conflict between the younger Magneto and Professor X to carry them through the coming years.  There is real change and growth shown here, and I greatly look forward to what comes next, which is something I haven't felt for quite some time for the X-men franchise.

     The ending and post credits

     With the Magneto build up I really thought they were working up to the Ultimate X-men comic's scene where Quicksilver ends up rushing in and stealing his father's helmet.  That could've been a the most amazing scene, but sadly, they missed the opportunity.

     Mystique posing as Stryker and obtaining Wolverine could be the lead in to the announced, but not really talked about X-Force movie.  Presumably it would focus on the most recent incarnation of the team and not the epic Cable led one.  It could be the X-men's first real jump into the ultra gritty dark film that the series could use.  I still want to see a fully character driven noir Wolverine film, not merely an action spectacle.

     The Easter egg- Apocalypse.  I think this was handled brilliantly.  For those that know who he is, the chanting of his name was great, and the 4 horsemen on the dune is a wonderful touch.  A part of me hopes they will bring in Archangel, maybe give the role to Mark Strong, and have him as tortured as Wolverine.
     Anyway, what I'm wondering is if they'll tie in the Celestial technology to Apocalypse's story?  I'm not sure how the film rights would carry over, but The Guardians of the Galaxy might have what is a dead Celestial's head in it (see my screencap from the newest trailer) and could link the movie worlds despite differing companies owning the rights.

     Miscellaneous problems I've found:

  • When Quicksilver is moving super fast, why is the music playing "normal" speed?
  • Why doesn't Blink use her portals to lop the Sentinals' heads off?
  • How does Kitty Pryde's intangibility now go through time?
  • Why was Quicksilver so under-used?  More screen time!
  • Why is Ink there, and how does he have the Phoenix tattoo already?
  • Technically Trask is a mutant, being half sized, so why doesn't Xavier just hop into his mind and change some stuff?  (Dinklage needed more to work with in any case.)
  • Why kill most of the group from First Class?
  • Is Warpath's only power to see really far?  Because they never explain it for viewers.

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  1. Dark, enthralling and undeniably exhilarating, this is the X-Men movie for X-Men aficionados.