Tales From the Borderlands: New Images and Information

     Today the Playstation Blog has put up 5 "NEW" images and some more info about the upcoming Tales From the Borderlands game.  I put new in quotes because all 5 of these images I saw in the Official Xbox Magazine 2 weeks ago, along with a pretty decent article. (The article itself being the reason I purchased the mag.)

     Well there's something I thought might be very interesting in one of the images- Rhys's arm.  It appears as if he's got the Hyperion digi-structing capability in a neat and portable arm.  Can he summon things, or can he design or create things with it?  Is that how Handsome Jack is "still alive" when we know this takes place after the main campaign of Borderlands 2?  (I still think it would be awesome if they used the New-U tech as canon, so Jack would have a backup of himself, and could summon an entire army of Jacks for a battle)
     Maybe I'm completely wrong, maybe the arm only controls Hyperion objects, which would mean good old Claptrap would be at risk, but who hasn't wanted to shut him up a time or two? Maybe Jack still has a few decoys out there posing as him? Or did Professor Nakayama unintentionally succeed in cloning Jack before he died?

     Regardless, I'm excited for a more narrative focused Borderlands game, and with Telltale Games' track record, they are certainly the right company to make that happen.  It'll be nice to see all the familiar faces even if it's in passing, and even if is the face of Shade.

     Source [ Playstation Blog ]

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