Project Beast Footage Leaked: From Software Video

     It appears some new Souls are truly on the horizon.  From Software's rumored next game, currently under the working title Project Beast, seems to be looking more and more like the truth, and not just rumor and speculation.  NeoGAF user "drotahorror" posted some clips and Youtuber Vyktar has conveniently grouped the 4 short segments into a single video for our viewing pleasure.

     All these "leaks" are very plausible for a real new game, and even more convincing the closer we get to E3 this year.  As time goes the great hype machine is getting plenty of fuel for the bonfires, and this could be a brilliant marketing tactic to keep us wanting more.  Such a tantalizing prospect so soon after Dark Souls 2's March release.   As for now, the game is still officially unannounced, but things are looking like a big reveal will hit soon.

     Many Souls fans have been awaiting what Demons Souls and Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki was working on, and this definitely has his style all over it.  We're all just waiting for the official announcement so we may enter the disturbing new fog gate with equal parts fear and excitement.

     Source [ NeoGAF ]

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