Community: NBC Officially Cancels the Show

     As a fan since the beginning I am at a loss for words.  Many of us believed Abed was right with "Six Seasons and a Movie," but alas, NBC has become the villain and crushed those hopes.

     With all the turmoil from behind the scenes, I'm frankly surprised I could even enjoy it as long as I have.  Rumor is that because of Hulu's deal, the show can't be picked up for a season on Netflix, but that doesn't mean there's no hope at all.  In my head Abed is saying that some shows need to fall so they can be brought back from obscurity later.  We can only hope the Dreamatorium's powers can bring back the show, complete with Troy and Hologram Pierce somewhere down the line...

     Source [ Uproxx ]

    Here's a couple Tweets from #Community that say things better than I could:

     What I don't understand is a show as genius as Community gets cancelled, but Grimm and Parenthood are continuing?  Sure, I like Grimm, but it just isn't as good as a show overall, it's too predictable and formulaic.
     And they have a show called American Ninja Warrior coming soon show.  Seriously.

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