PS4 Getting Greek-Themed Apotheon

     My love of Greek Mythology and the Playstation are being combined into one 2D Platformer action-RPG called Apotheon.  It's a game that takes the ancient Greek amphoras, and brings it to life.

     It will be much in the manner of "Metroidvania" and will not follow in the mere button-masher games of old.  This will be a game that you unlock skills as you progress and can use the new abilities to open up new avenues of combat.  Shield bashes, feigned attacks to lure, and spear tossing will all add to the interesting and diverse methods of slaying your enemies.  Sounds a lot like the wonderful game Guacamelee.
     They'll be using light RPG elements to avoid grinding for levelling stats and there won't be skill trees to use.  There will however be plenty of sneaking around and looting for a crafting system which includes potions that can summon skeleton warriors.

     Apotheon has no release date yet, and I can only hope they'll bring it to the PS Vita as well.

     Source [ Playstation Blog ]

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