"Project Beast" From Software Screenshots Leaked

     When Dark Souls 2 was announced we learned a little something about the first 2 games' creator/director Hidetaka Miyazaki- he was not heading up Dark Souls 2.

     Now that these images have surfaced it's rumored that this is what Miyazaki has been working on this whole time.  Project Beast looks like, if these are true screenshots, it could really be a new game by the company.  If these are real, then this game will be From Software's first next gen game, and it might even be another "spiritual successor" to the Souls series.

     This time it seems there's a heavy Gothic atmosphere and in a much later period of time.   There looks to be a type of gun in the hands of a puritanical-looking individual as well as the more typical blades.  There's also the well known fog gate clearly visible in one picture.

     While this could just be a hoax or rumor, the images are rather convincing.

     Source [ Neogaf ]

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