Deadpool: The Videogame... Not Quite a Review

     In reality a Deadpool game should be everything parents hate.  He's crass, violent, and loaded with a vast amount of inappropriate material.  Well, High Moon Studios has come as close to perfection as possible, and Deadpool does not disappoint. (Within rules of gaming, so no actual nudity)

     The premise of the game is Deadpool making a video game about himself.  Yes, it's exactly how it sounds.  But, the strange thing is, it actually works.  It works very well.  It is so true to the spirit of his character.  Deadpool is constantly self-referencing things, and plenty of 4th wall shattering moments.  Honestly, this probably couldn't have worked with any other characters.  (Although Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard is a notably similar game)

     Marvel Comics' Merc With a Mouth, Wade Wilson, is a one way ticket to insanity induced perpetual humor.  Granted the humor is crude, but that is exactly where he excels.  This form of comedy is perfect with the nature of video gaming.  When High Moon Studios tossed out any form of serious gaming they opened an entire new world of potential with Deadpool.
     With Deadpool you get a 3-in-1 main character that complains about the crappy polygon models of his in game furniture and keeps censor bars folded up in his pocket for covering up his nether regions.  Really, they got his character nailed down perfectly. 
     They even have nice X-Men cameos here and there, with pretty well designed looks for the game.  I think the character of Death has been updated wonderfully. (See Picture Above)  He even checks out her butt.  

     Even the combat is pretty good.  Each weapon felt distinctly different and had their own uses.  Although the leveling system seemed a bit backwards- when you level the weapons to do higher damage (with Deadpool points, lol), the combos get severely limited.  My biggest combat complaint would be that the counter button and the teleport dodge should've been separated.  It lead to many unfair deaths when I wanted to teleport but countered instead and got swarmed to death.  More of a repeated annoyance.  Especially, because there are tons of small problems where either you or enemies get caught on geometry.

     This was a particularly large frustration during the excessively long last level's end battle.  It would've been less of a hassle if the enemies didn't have monstrous amounts of health to be compounded with nearly indestructible shields.  It just got to be too much and probably should've been a bit shorter.  The whole game could've actually been cut down by about an hour under the 6-ish hours it plays for.  It just felt like a bit of a slog through the last level.

     When it comes down to it, if you've ever been a Deadpool fan, or had a soft spot for questionable humor this game is completely worth playing.  It is not an amazing game by any means, but definitely a good way to entertain yourself for a few hours.  It is a wonderful parody of gaming itself, and that makes Deadpool good enough for me.

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