The Name of the Wind Coming to Television (Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles)

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     It sounds terrible, but Patrick Rothfuss' series The Kingkiller Chronicles has been optioned by New Regency Productions and 20th Century Fox, and I am a bit dismayed.  I should be excited, but with the history of books adapted for the small screen- 9 times out of 10 they are terrible.

     I absolutely love the first 2 books, The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear, but with the poor quality adaptations that get put up make me fearful, and I am NO wise man to be sure.  Some would argue, "What about Game of Thrones?"  Well- that series is run by HBO, they have a much larger budget and generally better quality of all their productions.

     It doesn't help that Eric Heisserer (The Thing remake, Hours, and Final Destination 5) is listed to adapt it for the screen.  Really.  Re-read those movies.  I don't have much faith in this adaptation as of now.  Granted, I could be completely wrong and it could turn out to be a staggeringly great work, but right now- no, I do not believe it will be.
     And I've heard rumors of Felicia Day wanting to play Auri.  Honestly, I like Miss Day in a lot of stuff, but don't believe she would be quite right as Auri.  Once again, I could be very wrong- if she somehow manages the part, she could be brilliant, but I think they should cast all unknowns.

     In the mean time, while we await the 3rd installment- going under the working title The Doors of Stone (set to release 2014)- I look forward to seeing what will come of this televised version. 

     To Mr. Rothfuss, take your time, no rush- we will wait for whatever you write.  On the plus side, you're still twice as fast as George R.R. Martin.

     In the mean time I'll be thinking of small blog posts to toss out ideas I  have about the books- such as Kvothe's thrice-locked chest.  I believe Kvothe locked part of himself inside and subsequently changed his name to Kote.  Names hold great power in this world and it would make sense that he would, or could, lock away a portion of himself perhaps a part of his name itself) to protect someone or something.  Which would explain his problems with Sympathy (magic) and why he has a hard time with even small magic as Kote that would've been effortless years before while Kvothe.
     It's even more plausible as he sort of did the same thing when he was attempting to hide his past from people in Tarbean- hiding himself and slowly losing power.  Another example would be tied to his parents deaths and the Door of Forgetting.
     Or... what if he locked another being in the chest?
     As it has been quite a while since I read them, I may need to re-read them as a refresher.

     Note: This may be of slight comedic coincidence, but after a quick run of the Spellchecker, only names appeared as misspelled.  Nice.

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