X-Men: Days of Future Past: Sentinels Revealed

     With all Bryan Singer's X-Men advertisement and social media hype, this one actually has me interested- a few pics and a promotional video.  There is now a website for Trask Industries, the creators of the Sentinels that hunt the mutant populace.  This is the first new items that give me a small amount of hope for X-Men: Days of Future Past.

     Most notable is the Sentinel designs and the size compared to human are now shown.  They aren't nearly as bad as I was thinking.  I'm also wondering if we'll get some future designs that won't be shown until after the film is in theaters.  These few images are from the "past" scenes, and one would reason that they would get more advanced as time progresses in the film.  Maybe we'll find a self-aware Master Mold, or possibly even the ultra-futuristic Sentinel Nimrod.

     Although I'm still worried Singer will pull a Brett Ratner with 100 characters being smashed into one film and leaving us with a cameo-palooza instead of a coherent story.  Hopefully he has upped his game since the first two X-men movies, so he can at least compete with more modern superhero films.  Granted he's only really gotta beat X-men: Last Stand and The Wolverine films (more specifically X-men Origins: Wolverine that's a movie that makes David Hasselhoff's Nick Fury and Dolph Lundgren's Punisher look like decent entertainment)

     I know I complain about all the crappy film adaptations of comic stories I love, but this might actually turn out for the better.  Days of Future Past was good at the time, but doesn't hold up well, and stands to possibly benefit from an update.  Then again, how many Hollywood script writers end up crapping out garbage?  I suppose I can just resign myself to disappointment, so if it does turn out awesome I'll be happily surprised.

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