BBC's Sherlock: How Sherlock Survived the Fall...

     As one of many BBC Sherlock lovers, I am quite curious as to how Sherlock survived the plummet to his concrete doom in season 2's finale: The Reichenbach Fall.

     Molly seemed to be the pivotal, but overlooked, key to survival.  Did they use body swapping?  Forcing our expectations to believe something we thought we "saw?"  Hidden airbags or exoskeletons?   

     Anyway Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive video with Benedict Cumberbatch describing how he survived- and it's  a wonderfully hilarious explanation at that:
“F**k it, I’m going to tell you how Sherlock survived … I know you guys like your spoilers and I feel so much better telling you. Freedom!”
Check out the video here [ Entertainment Weekly ]

     By the looks of it, it involves stuffed monkeys, tricking snipers, a phone call, sad faces, and some tea.  Talk about a genius writing!  Brilliant stuff even if we must still wait.


  1. it seems obvious that Sherlock jumped on to the flatbed wiremesh sided van but unfortunately bounced off and was killed. The Sherlock at the end of ep.6 is a ghost and future series will be titled Spook Sherlock the crimefighting spectre!!!!LMHO BIGTIME!!!!!!

  2. Well Played Anonymous! I actually have a draft post about that truck- it is full of sacks of something, and drives away right as Watson runs up.