Borderlands 2: Pitchford Confirms MORE DLC

     During an interview on the The Nerdist podcast, Gearbox head honcho let it out that there will be more to come for Borderlands 2 DLC.  This isn't really unexpected, due to much of the previous news and announcements from Mr. Pitchford.  Many including myself thought there would be plenty more to come.
“We did a Season Pass for Borderlands 2 and the Season Pass was like, ‘hey, if you buy the Season Pass we’re going to be doing four campaign DLCs, but you can get all four of them for the price of three if you buy upfront,’” Pitchford said about Borderlands. “So everyone has this expectation that those would be the four DLCs and then that’s it. We’re going to do more. We’re going to do some other things. We don’t have details yet about it exactly.” 
He added that “I’m not ready to announce what other things are” but that the recently-released Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep “won’t be the end of it.” He concluded by saying, “we’ve got more stuff in the hopper that we’re planning and that we’re getting pretty excited about. So if you are a Borderlands fan, you don’t have to be afraid that that’s the end of it.”
     Really, after Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, I figure they'd put out some more small stuff while focusing on the creation of the third installment for the next gen consoles- being Borderlands 3.
     While Gearbox will probably focus the future DLC's on small things like skin packs or weapon packs, I wonder if we'll actually receive any more story DLC.  Especially because Pitchford mentions that Gearbox is creating an entirely new IP for the next gen systems in addition to the ones they already own- Brothers in Arms, Duke Nukem, Borderlands, and Homeworld.

     As for the future of Pandora in the Borderlands saga, I hope we get a DLC that takes place on the Hyperion Moonbase, which the end of Tina's Assault hints at, which would create a nice segway into the potential Borderworlds from the end of the the main story.
     Regardless, I'll be getting whatever they put out.  That, is also what she said.

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