Octodad: Dadliest Catch Coming to PS4 in 2014

     Years ago, when I first watched the videos of Young Horses Inc.'s Octodad, I was taken back by how strange Octodad was.  Why would someone make a game that was so absurd?  But, it was an amazingly absurd game.
     The video commentary helped as well.  Whoever was playing was struggling to control Octodad, who is essentially an 8-legged gelatinous puppet attempting to pass himself off as a human...  who is happily married with kids.  Something about the odd troubles that plagued this individual's life was intriguing.  I wanted to know more, and now there is more.
     Being a dad is hard.  Being an octopus is tough.  Being an Octodad is super difficult.  All the tasks to complete are the seemingly simplest things possible... for land-dwelling humans.  The boneless cephalopod pretender is attempting to be an inconspicuous father, and even the most mundane task requires a heroic effort just to keep suspicions to a minimum.  Want to nonchalantly walk through the living room to go clean a single dish in the kitchen for your wife?  Good luck not flailing around like an accidental tentacle-whirlwind having a grand mal seizure and unwittingly destroying everything in your path.

     Clumsy, awkward, and hilarious- stealth shouldn't be the word used, but this is a "stealth" game worthy of your time.

     Are you up to the DAD-ly challenge of maintaining your oceanic nature for the joys and hardships of parenthood?  Family life is good as long as your family remains unaware that you are an octopus.

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