NBC's Heroes to Return... to Comics.

     Dynamite Entertainment announced that the NBC television show Heroes that I watched obsessively from 2006-2010 will be brought back in the form of a comic book series.  While this sounds kind of great to begin with, I would be hesitant myself.  I read the previous Heroes comics and they were... less than spectacular.

     Cullen Bunn, who wrote Deadpool, Wolverine, Defenders, and Fearless for Marvel Comics, and The Sixth Gun, Helheim, and The Tooth for Oni Press, and is now working for Dynamite scripting this project.  While I'm not his biggest fan, I believe he could bring something to the series that it lost after season 1.

"Like so many others, I was a huge fan of Heroes during its original run," says writer Cullen Bunn. "I was drawn to a cast of characters with interesting back stories and development, a setting boiling over with potential, and -- of course -- the exploration of superpowers in a 'real' world scenario. With this book, I have the opportunity to contribute to the mythology of the series in a way that will surprise readers. When I was watching the show, I never could have imagined the direction I'd be taking the story. The narrative I'm developing will be multi-layered, complex, and character-focused, and it will shake up the Heroes storyline in a major way. I don't think anyone is expecting what we have in store for Claire, Hiro, Peter, Niki, Sylar, and the rest of the gang."

     Because that's where it all fell apart- once season 2 began.  Sure it had some shining moments, but nothing worthy of the magic it had captured during the first year.  Not to long ago I read about MSN and Xbox making a deal to potentially bring it back, but that never happened, and this might be the best we can hope for.  Some of the actors are busy with thriving projects and could be a problem to recruit again.

As to the specifics of the story that could be revealed now, Bunn said however Dynamite ends up labeling the final series, he is viewing the gig as essentially "Heroes Season 5." "To me, this is picking up the story and taking it from where it left off, but there is a big curveball right from issue #1 of the comic. That will set a lot of what we've seen in the series on its ear. It'll change a lot, but this is essentially the continuation of the TV series. I'm taking it into some bizarre, unique and unusual territory. The benefit of comics is that you can do some things there that you can't do anywhere else."

     I've posted plenty of things about the series- predictions, hopes, and critiques- but I can only hope they do this revival justice.  [ Here's the posts ]  They are very sporadic, and some are quite long, read at your own risk.

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