Star Trek 3: Zachary Quinto: Set to Film 2014 (Next Year)

     During Ireland's Galway Film Festival Lucien from Buzzhub caught an interesting tidbit at a public interview with Zachary "Spock" Quinto:
"Star Trek 3 should be filming, I suppose, next year. It’s going to be made a lot quicker than the last one. That’s the plan, although nothing is confirmed yet."
     That's awfully damn quick to start shooting the next installment.  He also mentioned that Abrams would still like to direct.  It seems odd because J.J. Abrams is also directing Star Wars Episode VII.  Mr. Quinto apparently also noted that he will not be appearing in Star Wars, but would like to show up on The Big Bang Theory.

     This seems a bit rushed, but I suppose they want to keep the momentum of Star Trek Into Darkness, as it's already made almost $450 million.

     Personally, while I enjoyed Into Darkness, I also was very displeased with it.  Mostly with the poor scripting.  It took 3 writers, and NONE of them caught some of the absurdities?  Where are the "no men" to tell them something doesn't work?  To say, "NO! This is poor writing."  Look what happened to the Star Wars prequels.  George Lucas had no one to tell him no, and the movies suffered for it.

     In Into Darkness there was too much focus on homage to the old stuff and not enough new stuff.  Wasn't the point of rebooting the series to make a new path?  New chances and stories, not rehashing all the same old stuff.  They could've altered Khan's story in so many other ways.  All the possibilities they had, and in my opinion, they dropped the ball.
     And another thing about Khan- the fact everyone guessed it form the trailers, but the film makers insisted it wasn't Khan.  That is really annoying.  I mean when he reveals himself as "Khan," I was expecting there to be an awkward silence, followed by Spock asking him if they were supposed to have heard the name previously.  In this film it didn't matter who he was.  There was nothing to make it meaningful in the film.  I've got more to say on this in another draft post.  In the mean time, someone hire a couple better writers and editors to help the current Star Trek crew out.

Source [ BuzzHub ]

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