Ken Levine Still Pushing for a Bioshock on PS Vita

     It's been so long since Irrational Games' Ken Levine (Creator of the Bioshock series) announced the potential Bioshock for PS Vita that I nearly forgot about it.  A few days ago he Tweeted a kind of update about it- talking to both Sony and 2K- trying to get them to come together and make a deal.

"I talked to both Sony and 2K about it yesterday.  Trying to make a match." 
"Trying to get the 2 companies to sign off." 
     This is actually fairly decent news despite the fact it's been 2 years and in February Levine mentioned Bioshock Vita was not currently being developed.  I think it's a better sign that Levine is still personally pushing for this.  As both a PS Vita lover, and a Bioshock enthusiast, this is an immediate pre-order as soon as a release date is announced.

     So what do I do to show my support for this?  The Playstation Vita NEEDS a game of Bioshock's caliber.  Sony wants to support the lagging Vita sales?  This is their chance.  MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

     Video from an IGN Podcast:

Source [ PlayStation Universe ]

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