NBC's Heroes- How I think the return should begin... (Dynamite Comics)

     Ever since the Heroes Season 4 finale (Brave New World) this is how I thought they should bring it back.  I figure it's a good time to post this because Dynamite Entertainment has made a deal with NBC to continue the series in comic book form.  They need a hell of a start, and with the way it ended- it left this particular encounter as an inevitability.
     Really, could there be a more perfect beginning than this?

     Chapter 1:Opening Scene:

An old man's hands can be scene making some simple foods for a lunch.  Over the shoulder, just miscellaneous tasks with his hands.  This is an individual that knows you must find things to do with your hands. 

He's walking around his trailer house, in the background are many oxygen tanks.  There can be seen some animals stuffed by a taxidermist.  The man enters a small room, sits down, and switches on an old television set.

(what is shown is fuzzy footage from the last episode)
(Claire Bennet climbing up and jumping off the ferris wheel)
My name is Claire Bennet and this is attempt number... well, I guess I've lost count.
The hand puts down the sandwich and turns the volume up.  The view swings around- Samson Gray.  With a smile on his face.
It's amazing how it just comes right back... 
that desire...
that hunger...
Scene cuts.
     I remember reading years ago that Sylar's father was supposed to be the ultimate evil in an interview with Heroes writer/producer Bryan Fuller. [ Digital Spy ]
"...Sylar's dad was going to be the ultimate evil, the devil essentially. I was like, 'didn't you guys just do that with Arthur Petrelli?'"
     So, they created this amazing villain- Samson Gray- and then flubbed it.  Even with Arthur Petrelli it was done poorly.  Arthur wanted power to horde it.  Samson has the killer drive behind him.  This is a man that wants to live and do things simply because he can.  He wants to change the world now, a chance to do this over.  Samson Gray is a hunter, he lives for the challenge, and he has the will to follow the desire for more. 
     What Heroes has with Samson Gray is the ultimate serial killer with the potential to make the original villain, Sylar (Gabriel Gray), look like a child.  There is so much they could do with this.  Think what would happen if he got his hands on time travel?  He could dump bodies elsewhere in time! 
     The final showdown would necessitate many of the heroes fighting the singular villain in time, space, and in the telepathic realm.  That's 3 tiers of fighting.
     All the "behind closed doors" fights (I'm talking about the massive disappointments of the Peter vs. Sylar) need to be stopped.  There are appropriate times to show and tell, and not showing these is a slap in the viewer's face.
     If this is handled properly, the new series could easily make Heroes a huge hit again.  Sylar flip-flopping from good to bad, Nathan dying all the time, and Claire bemoaning her life got to be an annoyance.  Up the stakes, the actions need serious consequences, make us feel for the characters.  I'll give it a chance when it hits the comic stands because Cullen Bunn's other comics writing, while not amazing, are at least worth reading- and I look forward to seeing what's going to happen.  That old hunger burns again... I may even re-watch the series as a refresher...

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