The Last of Us: Trophies and Hope for an Easter Egg

     I see the Last of Us Tophies are listed now over on IGN, and the demo finally available in just a couple of days.  (My not-so-nice feelings on that deceptive demo bonus that came "with" God of War.)  This has got me pretty amped despite the long wait.

     Naughty Dog also has listed a season pass with 3 single player DLC's and a slew of other goodies.  It makes me curious to see how they'll handle the multiplayer as well.  It's been said many times that it isn't co-op, so what is it?  More team deathmatch?  Perhaps we get to play as some of the various types of infected zombies.  What about a massive open world survival with everyone competing for supplies to stay alive.  That could be interesting.  Many are eager to find out what big surprise they've got in store for our multiplayer madness, and it's only a couple weeks away.

     Anyway, for the Easter Egg, this is just speculation mind you, but there is a hidden trophy...
     How amazing would this be-

     Picture Joel and Ellie are escaping from some Runners and Clickers, and stumble onto an underground chamber.  Not just a simple cavern, but an absolutely ancient cave, one that contains a small pathway leading to a shrine or small tomb that was forgotten buried beneath the city long ago.  Old carvings and etchings abound.  In this burial space would be 2 dead adventurers.  One in blue jeans and the other in a Hawaiian shirt. 
     In the hands of the denim trousered corpse would be a golden egg.  A very recognizable egg.  One that should be known to more than just 2 treasure hunters named Drake and Sully.

     So it'd be a nice tie in for Naughty Dog's Jak & Daxter, Drake & Sully, and a possible explanation of where the virus came form.  It's a LONG shot, probably won't happen, but I love these little nods to the other games.  Crossing my fingers...

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