Joe Biden sees no problem taxing violent media? (Video Games & Movies)

Next we'll tax imagination!  Pew-pew-pew!
     After reading this article yesterday, I am quite disheartened.  I even sat on this reply for a whole day.  Really, Mr. Biden, no "legal reasons"?  Maybe you should then tax the entire military for making real violence, or participating in it.

     During a meeting about gun legislation, with a religious person ( Billy Graham's son, The Reverend Franklin Graham), and a proposed "sin tax" or a tax on violent media-
'Participants in the session told Politico that Mr. Biden said there’s "no restriction on the ability to do that; there’s no legal reason why they couldn’t."'
     I would actually recommend reading the small article linked above.  Personally, I think the tax idea is foolish- although the potential studies and the funds going to victims I do agree with.
     But really, they need to face the gun issue, and not continually put the blame on other things.  Seriously, if they really believe a violent media tax is feasible, they should surely increase the taxes on the ACTUAL TOOLS OF VIOLENCE THEMSELVES, instead of pretend violence.  Guns are meant for one purpose- to cause harm and damage.  They are not playthings.  They are made specifically to destroy life.
     Would the military then someday be paying for all the families of foreign people that have suffered from their destructive nature?  Considering a majority of US spending goes to military and "defense", maybe they can give some back.

     Taxation advice from a religious leader?  Absurd!  Would printing the Bible itself be hit with the tax???  There's certainly a lot of violent content in there.


     Jim Sterling over on Destructoid posted about this.
     "Reverend Franklin Graham (son of the evil Billy Graham) proposed that violent videogames and movies be hit with an extra sin tax so the money could go to victims of gun crime -- which is like taxing bananas to give money to those injured in car accidents.

  Leaving aside my fury at the nerve of a religious leader wanting to decide who should pay taxes, I'd like to think Biden's smart enough to understand the logical reasons why this is a dumb idea, even if there aren't legal hurdles. Unless Biden would also like to add a tax on Bible purchases and give the cash to victims of religious violence. At least that'll be consistent.

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